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Si tienes dudas pregúntale a dios.

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Hanzel Band — Artwork

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Solutionism - A Design Documentary

Matt LeGrand calls himself a designer and in three extraordinarily compact minutes, he explains the various levels of what “design” actually means. Visually layered in representation, Matt’s explanation makes connections to the inner and outer world that most of us have never thought of.

Solutionism is the belief that together, humanity can solve anything. By harnessing the power of design, we’re able to generate lasting, positive change and transformation.

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  • When someone asks you to work for free it is not just lack of consideration for you as a professional, but also as a person and human being, because it shows some level of despise for your own basic needs. Maybe for some kind of people this will be something new, but in fact, designers also have a life, dreams, bills to pay, need medical care sometimes, and guess what? We also need to eat! (Wow!!)
  • So, feeling very frustrated right now, and I needed to write this down.